How to prepare for Agency Nurse Interview

When it comes to Job interviews, irrespective of what level of experience you may have acquired… why are we still so emotionally overwhelmed that makes Job interviews so daunting? is it, the thought of failure? the prospect of not landing that elusive role?

Granted, your nursing skills and experience is what will resonate with the interviewer but how else can we demonstrate to the interviewer that you and only you are the perfect candidate for their organisation?

If you have a Nursing job interview you may be asking yourself these very questions, here at Medical Station we are always readily available to assist you with your Nursing job Interview. We can practice scenarios, practise questions or talk you through the process and how to best prepare for it. We have industry experts, below is some advice for you to digest.

First things first, Immerse yourself in research

When it comes to Interviews you can never be too prepared, however, the more research you do about the healthcare organisation and your specific role the more confident you will become. Think of it this way, the information you have absorbed during your research will now be at your disposal,  as well as demonstrating a natural enthusiasm for the role, you will be able to impress your interviewer with moments of role specific knowledge and add real value to the conversation.

Interviewers expect candidates to have a relatively good grasp on what there organisation does - with that in mind, your ability to research effectively is essential.

Truth is I've been in interviews where I've done thorough research and prepared the best I could've done and I’ve also been in Interviews where I've completely ‘winged it’  - You don't need me to tell you which interview I left with my tail between my legs.

Study and go through the Job description like your life depended on it, think of tangible examples in your career where you have clearly demonstrated these attributes, write them down, memorise them like its gospel. During the interviewers questioning these specific job related examples will prove invaluable. Construct the 2nd phase of your research around the healthcare organisation - In todays world 99 percent of the time all the information you need is a few keyboard clicks away on the internet. It may also be useful to find out information about key faculty members, this information has worked wonders for me in the past. Once you feel you have researched enough, do some more.


The day before the Interview

With preparation almost complete, having every aspect of your interview prepared before will mean you don't have to stress on the day of the Interview

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Here’s a list of things you should do

  • Pick your outfit and try it on.
  • Find a map of the location, if you're driving, 2 apps to use are Google maps or Waze.

Both the apps are just as good, these apps can also tell you how long it will take you to get there, this is extremely handy as this will determine when to leave your house.

If You're using public transport - check online and work an estimate of how long it may take you.

If need be, do a trial run.

  • Place important documents in to a folder

IE: Your CV, certificates, or any other examples of your work and/or qualifications.

  • Read and review the research you have done.

Organising and preparing for all of these things will mean you eliminate any room for any issues on the day of the interview.

You will be confident your outfit fits, you know exactly where your going and how long it will take you to get there. All your documents are in a folder for you to hand if the Interviewer requires them.

First Impressions count

Your appearance is a strong indicator of your commitment to an agency nursing position. There is every possibility of being introduced to other team members such as Doctors, other Nurses, admin staff given a tour around the department. Dress to impress should be the ethos, needless to say, ironed shirt, clean shoes, clipped nails, combed hair, hate to break it to you but ALL of you (from head to toe) will be in the line of your interviewers scrutiny, this is your moment to display professionalism without having said a word.

Always check with your recruiter at Medical Station to understand the expectations of your interviewer - but commonly nurses wear professional attire to an interview, as opposed to scrubs.

The Opening Act

All that's left to do is turn up on time. By this point you should be fairly confident as you would’ve prepared as best you can. Its time to put your preparation to good use and demonstrate why you are the best person for that role.

Your Interview commences the moment you step foot on the premises so lots of smiles and eye contact.

Good luck!