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Visit our social media channels and check back on the website for regular updates on our nominated charities. 

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A truly last-minute, 24/7 service

Every placement we make is carefully considered, ensuring the perfect combination of employer and employee.

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Healthcare Recruitment Agency In Taunton

Last-Minute Healthcare Solutions Available 24/7, Nationwide

Medical Station is a highly-competent healthcare recruitment agency in Taunton, offering our services across the country. With a vast talent pool from which to draw and a broad network within the industry, we're able to perfectly match client and candidate. Every placement we make is carefully considered, ensuring the perfect combination of employer and employee. With over 20 years of experience under their belts, our directorial team have the capacity to make the right choice, benefiting your organisation and your staff. We specialise in nursing recruitment, based in Taunton, for service providers nationwide.

What we offer is a truly last-minute, 24/7 service, with emergency placements available at all times.



Our Beliefs

Medical Station was created with the vision of providing a support system to compliment the Healthcare sector. As a healthcare recruitment agency in Taunton, we are firm believers in giving back. Therefore, we are proud to support various charities, throughout the year.

Visit our social media channels and check back on the website for regular updates on our nominated charities.



Reducing Climate Emmissions

We are in a time of climate emergency; Medical Station are of the opinion - all businesses could be doing more to minimise their environmental impacts. With so many simple ways to reduce carbon emissions, there's no reason not to operate in an environmentally friendly way.

Here at Medical Station, we have thought long and hard about measures we can take as an organisation that feels strongly about reducing carbon footprint. We have decided to take steps to reduce carbon emissions. A lot of effort has gone into the various ways this can be anything from implementing recycling collections all the way to actively planting trees. Download our document below where we have listed some of the ways in which Medical Station are striving towards doing our part.

Reducing Climate Emmissions



nurses and doctors walking along hospital corridor chatting and pushing empty hospital bed woman in wheelchair

About Medical Station

Our emergence has been somewhat a lifeline for the healthcare recruitment industry. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we saw the need to recreate the “last-minute supply” culture which we feel is slowly fading away. Many agencies claim to be a short notice staff supplier but, in reality, they all need plenty of notice to cover requests. Medical Station are partners of many healthcare institutions and have long-established, tangible relationships with them. With over 3000 professionals on our books at any one time, as well as 100+ employees, we're on-hand, at all times, to provide the service you need.



How We Work

As a healthcare recruitment agency in Taunton, we recruit for Nursing, Allied Health and Non-Clinical healthcare roles across the UK. We look after our staff, paying them well and rewarding them with generous incentive schemes. For clients, we're on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing a reliable, trustworthy service, backed up by a robust compliance procedure. This ensures we always deliver the right staff, to the right role, at the right time.



Core Values


At Medical Station, we are driven by the desire for perpetual improvement. We understand that stagnation is the death of progress, so we always look to better ourselves and our service.


We set our goals high and pursue them with determination. As a healthcare recruitment agency in Taunton, we always drive for success in every aspect of our service.


We operate with complete transparency, with our approach to business – no hidden practices or underhanded tactics. At Medical Station, we are honest and open with all activity.


We want to embody the phrase “going the extra mile,” with all of our services. At Medical Station, dedication is paramount – to our staff, to our customers and to the healthcare industry.


The heart of Medical Station is our customers. As a healthcare recruitment agency in Taunton, we're the company to trust with your staff and your next work placement.


We are fully compliant with all governmental regulations. As an NHS service recruiter, compliance is vital, both for our customers and for the people for who they care.


More than ever, these days, change is a part of life. We understand this, so offer our services in an adaptable capacity, ensuring that we meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


We are fully committed to our customers and look to build lasting relationships. Whenever you need the services of a healthcare recruitment agency in Taunton, we'll be there for you.


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We'll ensure that you find the staff or the role that's perfect for you. Contact us today to arrange a call back at a suitable time.

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